Control Your Own Schedule – Reasons to Own a Business

Does your life include variables that must take place at specific times? That might not always work so well with a schedule set by an employer.

In 2022 and 2023, thousands of layoffs were announced month over month. The work performed by those people did not simply go away. It was shifted onto the people who got to keep their jobs. This certainly makes it difficult for employees to manage family time demands in the best way.

Is it surprising then that many people who start their own businesses do so in order to have more control over their schedule? Maybe they need to spend specific hours supporting their children or family elders. Perhaps they are working around their own education schedule. Whatever the reason, the need to control schedule is a driving motivator for many people to choose entrepreneurship and to start businesses.

Here are some examples of how some owners considered impact of schedule when choosing brands that would give them more control:

  • A Frios Gourmet Pop owner uses her ice cream truck once a week at the Soccer Fields and by appointment for special events. She likes to run her business as a part-time venture. She enjoys the smiles on the kids’ faces as they open their ice cream pops.
  • A Boulder Designs owner who lives in a rural area manages the B2B networking and the work of the business around the demands of home schooling his teenaged kids. The kids are learning all aspects of the business as part of their education. The whole family understand how the Boulder markers provide immense customer satisfaction when they are delivered and put into place.
  • A Clothes Bin owner has a brother with a box truck. She and her brother shift the bins’ bags to storage facility once a week. About once a month, she pays hourly contract helpers to load the bags from the storage facility to an 18-wheeler.

When considering business ownership, consider first your lifestyle goals for the next three to five years, including how much control you need over your schedule. These factors will point you to the brand. It would be a mistake to target a particular brand and to assume that it will match what you want for your life.

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