Do You Belong in a Network in Action Group?

Network in Action (NIA) is a special way to be part of a business networking group. As a brand, Network in Action has two primary purposes:

  • Provide more and more resources to help members grow their businesses
  • Create an avenue for members to collaborate to support philanthropic projects of their choosing

If you think you belong in NIA, use this Google form to communicate your intention to join.

We Expect A Little…. and A LOT

How can Network in Action expect both A Little and A Lot of its members? Well, we only require that members attend 1 member meeting each month. We provide many additional options for socials, networking, and education, but only the monthly member meeting is required. In addition to that, members must only make one referral to another member and have one 1:1 meeting with another member each month. In other words, NIA does not intend to treat its members like children hovering over weekly report cards.

That being said, NIA expects that each member has a Go-Give attitude and desires to help each other be successful. We expect that members have a generous spirit in that direction. We expect that each member far exceeds the required minimums to pour out value to other members.

These are the kinds of values and qualities we expect from NIA candidates and members.

Go-Give Attitude

  • Generosity: Demonstrating high values and a genuine desire to help others succeed, without immediate expectations of return.
  • Intentionality: Being purposeful in actions and interactions to support and elevate fellow members’ success, regardless of their background.

Networking Skills

  • Relationship Building: Fostering deep, meaningful connections within the network.
  • Referral Mindset: Recognizing the importance of referrals and striving to provide valuable leads.


  • Vision: Setting clear, achievable business goals and pursuing them diligently.
  • Growth Mindset: Constantly seeking ways to expand both business operations and personal skill sets.


  • Integrity: Upholding ethical standards and honesty in all business dealings.
  • Reliability: Being dependable in fulfilling commitments and referrals.


  • Engagement: Actively participating in all group activities and meetings.
  • Initiative: Proactively offering help and seeking ways to contribute to the success of others.


  • Adaptability: Embracing new ideas, technologies, approaches, and business opportunities with an open mind.
  • Willingness to Learn: Committing to personal and professional growth through continuous learning.

Collaborative Spirit

  • Teamwork: Exhibiting strong cooperation skills and working synergistically with others.
  • Generosity of Knowledge: Freely sharing insights, advice, and resources to aid in the development of others.

Communication Skills

  • Effective Communication: Articulating ideas clearly and listening attentively to others.
  • Constructive Feedback: Giving and receiving feedback in a manner that promotes growth and improvement.

Members who embody these qualities contribute to a dynamic, supportive, and effective networking community, enhancing the value and impact of the network for all involved.

If you think you belong in NIA, take 3-4 minutes to use this Google form to communicate your intention to join. At the completion, use the Codebreaker link to identify and share the values that are most important to you for general business decisions, and then set a time to have a Get-to-Know-You meeting with the Memphis and National/Virtual NIA leader.


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