Network in Action Networking

One of the many wonderful brands in my franchise consulting portfolio is Network in Action (NIA). When I learned about this brand, it made so much sense to me for a lot of reasons, so I bought in and became a Franchisee. Mine will be the first NIA groups in Memphis.

What was it that impressed me? Each of the meetings is unique. When the 1.5 hour meeting is completed, the member has engaged in several significant and thoughtful conversations (mini-meetings) and activities, plus enjoyed general networking. If members or guests want to participate in more networking before or after the meeting time, that is completely okay, but not required. Don’t expect valuable meeting time to be spent on the same old elevator pitches and metrics report-outs.

I believe that when I can witness how someone reason through a question on the fly, I get a glimpse of his or her values and problem-solving abilities. That helps me trust and like that person faster, resulting in quicker relationship building and organic referrals with that person.

Network in Action started in 2014 in Houston out of the need for a different level of networking. Business owners needed a meaningful way to connect, make referrals, and problem solve together without hashing through some of the same ground each week. NIA was created for those business owners and affiliates who needed to gain new clients without wasting time on repetitive activities. Here are some of the distinctives for NIA that might appeal to you or someone you know:

  • Rate of Return Guarantee – If you don’t gain approximately 10 paying clients in the year, your second year membership is free.*
  • Save 80 hours a year – By having monthly meeting requirements, a member saves at least 80 hours per year. That is 2 work weeks!!!
  • Refer with Confidence – Each member is vetted with a professional background check.
  • Business Growth Software – Our software helps your company enjoy increased “findability” on the web and much, much, more.
  • Professional Leadership – Each group is led by a professional. You won’t be “volunteered” into an unpaid, part-time job with NIA.
  • Lots of Optional Value – NIA offers plenty of optional meetings, trainings, and benefits that can be shared to your team or employees.

In cities where NIA groups already exist, the members tell us that while they joined because of the Rate of Return guarantee, they renew because they found a close group of advisors they trust to have their backs. What is expected of the member? Attend 11 of the 12 required meetings (or send a sub), have a 1:1 each month, and pass at least 1 referral to another member each month.

It is easy to determine if NIA is right for you. Here are a few ways:

  1. Book a meeting and ask about the value proposition for your business via
  2. Use the event links on this site (About Us > Events) and register to try the 1st/3rd Tuesday virtual meetings. They are free.
  3. Ask for a chance to “Try Before You Buy”.
  4. Ask about how your member fees can be reduced by referring others for membership.

What do others say about NIA? Check out this video and more:

*A calculation model is used to calculate the ROR guarantee for each member, based on the value of a client to the member.