Networking You Can Share

A few years ago, someone gave me a two gifts. They looked the same. When I questioned why there were two, the answer was simple, “one to keep, and one to give away.”

What a fantastic concept! It is wonderful to receive a gift. It is even better to be able to share it.

A Network in Action (NIA) membership gives a member value that can be shared to others? What?????

That’s right. A member not only enjoys high-value networking experiences, but he or she can also share some of the membership value. This is not limited to inviting others to open socials or a “visitor day”. Here are some valuable benefits of NIA membership that can be shared:

Be a Sub – Every once in a while, a member can’t attend a required meeting. Each group can have Subs, those people who would like to attend a meeting from time to time but can’t take on a full membership at the time. A member can sign his or her colleagues up as Subs (with their permission, of course). When any member can’t attend, they can use the NIA member portal to request a Sub. Those folks listed as Subs will receive the alert. The first one that responds that they can attend can then fill in for the member. The Sub then to participate in that month’s NIA meeting and represent the interest of the member while also making some great contacts.

Master Sales Training – On the 3rd Wednesday of each month, NIA hosts a Master Sales training. Not only do the members get to attend, but they can extend the training to their employees and/or colleagues too. Prior speakers have included Catherine Brown (How Good People Sell) and Tim Goering (Sandler Training).

Master Focus Forum – On the 4th Wednesday of each month, NIA hosts a Focus Forum session featuring a great public speaker, often someone who is published. These meetings can be shared to the NIA members’ employees and/or colleagues as well. Prior speakers have included Gerry Foster (Branding Big for Sales Mastery) and Kris Kelso (Overcoming the Imposter).

NIA Socials and Optional Meetings – Each NIA group will have optional meetings and socials. Many of these meetings are open to not only the members, but to their colleagues and guests and even to people who are members of other networking groups. This gives more people a chance to meet and network with the NIA members.

NIA University – The NIA member receives access to NIA University, a continuous education tool with hundreds of comprehensive trainings (Video and transcribed PDFs) covering all aspects of business operations and sales. The NIA member can make this available to his or her employees and/or colleagues.

Improved Findability – Since the NIA member has access to RepMan software to ask for reviews, more and more people will be directed to the member’s company’s My Google Business page. As that business received more 4- and 5-star reviews, the Google SEO rankings improve. This benefits everyone working for the NIA member’s company.