Ordered This, Got That

You ordered this…. Maybe you have experienced it. You paid to be a member of a business networking group, and it was going to be so great. You expect to meet a lot of other business owners and entrepreneurs and gain new business. All you have to do is attend a weekly meeting and make some referrals.

You got that….

You were also charged for facility and refreshments costs for the weekly meetings.

Then you have to pay a membership fee for a club because the meetings were moved to a private club.

On top of the weekly meetings (with drive time), you have to also hold a 1:1 meeting and make a referral. That is more time.

Because each of the meetings are filled with the same elevator pitches, you have to use the time before and after the meeting to do networking with the members. That’s more time.

When you look backwards for the month, you have spent a minimum of 10.5 hours to merely be a member. Maybe you received some referrals, maybe not.

Then… because you have a great personality…. they ask you to serve in a role. Unpaid. No credit toward your membership. Dang… this is now a part-time job!

On the other hand, Network in Action (NIA) members….

Have 1 required meeting per month (and hold one required 1:1 meeting and pass 1 required referral), and they get to network IN the required meeting time. (Save about 80 hours per year)

Pay NO extra fees for location or refreshments for required meetings. Members do pay their own way at the optional socials. (Savings – varies)

Are not asked to serve in volunteer capacities outside of member-selected, non-profit/philanthropic activities. In all transparency, it is not uncommon for NIA members to offer to organize some activities the members decide to do together.

Receive membership fees credit when they refer someone for membership and that person joins.

Receive valuable software and training that can be extended to their employees and/or colleagues.

Let’s Get Real…

Is only one networking avenue sufficient to meet all the clients your business needs? Not usually. I personally believe in meeting as many people as possible through as many avenues as I can find. Membership is different though. Most people can’t be a member of every group because of time or budget constraints. When planning where to spend your marketing dollars and time, creating deeper relationships will result in faster 2nd and 3rd degree referrals. That is when your referral partners’ contacts and their contacts begin to refer business to you. Network in Action helps you build deep relationships faster.

Maybe it is time to consider NIA membership instead of adding or renewing a weekly membership. Navigate to this page to learn more. Then visit ABOUT US > Events above to check out upcoming events. See CONTACT US to connect for a call or 1:1 meeting to ask questions.